Looking to market your products and services in a very interactive manner. Then video marketing is the way forward. It is the best way to incorporate your message in marketing campaign. A video presentation makes the campaign livelier and it engages the customers to involve in the content. There are various platforms to use the video as a marketing tool. These include YouTube, broadcast television, video boards and mobiles. We at 5n2 Media extensively use video to send the message to the intended audience. Video also appeals to the emotions of a viewer through its music, visual and content. Read more


Branding is a name, term, design, symbol or feature that differentiates or stands out a product or organization from its rivals. It is a marketing tool that creates and establishes a unique place for a product in the market. This has been used for centuries in different forms to propagate and to sell goods and ideas. As the markets get more competitive and dynamic, the differences between products of rival companies are decreasing day by day. Branding is one tool that still creates a difference among companies and products.Read more


Digital Marketing is a new era marketing technique that utilizes the various digital platforms for marketing. It extensively uses the internet, digital display banners, mobiles and other such medium. This type of marketing was developed during the early 2000’s and has garnered prominence and efficiency. 5n2 Media has understood the changing marketing environment and it has embraced these modern methods to be on top. Some of the digital marketing techniques include SEO (Search engine optimization), SEM (Search engine marketing), data driven marketing, e-commerce marketing and social media marketing Read more


A perfectly made advertisement, is just half baked product. The real success is achieved when we take the product to the customer with our media planning and execution. Media planning is a meticulous balancing act of product analysis, market demographics, target group and media selection. 5n2 media with over a decade of experience, mixes and mingles different media strategy to provide results to our customers. Read more